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The Drove - Stonehenge

Offsite parking - no services


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Amesbury, Wiltshire, England, United Kingdom, SP4 7DE

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Open from Jan to Dec

Wide byway with grass parking space on either side. Most of it is on a slight slope. Be careful of the large potholes near the entrance. Great view of Stonehenge.
No right turn into The Drove from A303 (left turn only) from A303 and no right turn when leaving The Drove onto the A303 (left turn only).
Normally closed by Wiltshire Council for a few days during the Summer (around 20th June) and Winter (around 20th December) Solstices.
To visit Stonehenge you must first head up to the English Heritage Visitors Centre to purchase tickets, and then walk or take the shuttle bus back down. As the shuttle bus stops inside the ticketed area, there is no way to take a shuttle bus from here up to the visitors centre unless you already have a ticket.
Some large potholes near the entrance from A303




105m above sea level

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